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SMART 2018

Digital Frontiers and Human consequences

4 April, 2018 - Budapest, Akvárium



SMART 2018

Digital Frontiers and Human consequences

4 April, 2018 - Budapest, Akvárium



The SMARt platform

With more than 1 000 yearly visitor, we are on the road to become a leading discussion platform around Fintech, Mobil, 5G, IOT, automotive, VR/AR, automation and their human consequences in the CEE region.


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The 9th anniversary of SMART conference will involve main actors in domestic technology, media and startup market to talk about the digital transformation and it's human implications.

The conference includes a number of large companies, startups, universities, agencies and IT development companies and telcos.




The 2018 SMART program is designed to teach, inspire, and question-mark trends about the social impact of digitization. But all this is worth nothing without a goal. This year, if only through a lecture or through a conversation, we want to open your eyes and encourage action.


Program & Venues

The SMART 2018 conference program is built around 4 focus areas.

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Digital Borderlands

The Green Room focuses on the Digital Borderlands where we look at the near future with outstanding domestic and international performers, and explore the technological changes we face, how they affect companies and the individual. Whether it's a sensor-based economy, security, new financial technologies, and cryptocurrencies.

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Human Consequences

The Magenta Room focuses on Human Consequences, where, with the help of great thinkers, we take a critical look on the human side of digitalization, counting its positive and negative effects. In three sections, we will look into what we are we are facing, what impact will digitalisation bring on us and what can we do to be the winners of the transformation.

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Vállalati technológiai trendek

The Yellow Room focuses on the practical side of corporate technology trends, from AI through blockchain to cyber security and open innvovation models. Practical presentations about the latest technology trends in the corporate sector in the light of 2018.

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Startups and University innovations

The Blue Room focuses on Startups and University Innovations, where we introduce the novelties of domestic innovation by involving the best startups and university innovation communities.


The experience




Human work automation

RPA, Robotic Process Automation, workflow

One of the key themes of the conference is RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and other B2B automation trends. At the conference we will present with the best experts on the field, how to make enterprise automation efficiently, where to start, and what tools can be used to achieve high efficiency solutions, and how automation will play a role in the practical utilization of artificial intelligence.


PraTical use of AI and Machine Learning

HR, sales, marketing and enterprise processes through machine learning

We think that artificial intelligence cannot only win in GO or in chess, but it has an impact on corporate operations in 2018. The program explores the areas where integrating AI tools can help operations, from HR to sales to optimizing company processes.


ChatBots and Mobility

Chatbots, Applications, UX / UI Design

This year, the SMART 2018 conference will include an unprecedented number of mobile-focused topics including key issues in platform-specific competencies and development trends, web app solutions, latest trends in interaction design, recent analytical trends and solutions, as well es payment habits and opportunities.


Sensor based economy

Smart City, IOT, NBIOT and sensor-based industry transformation

At the SMART conference, we dedicate a special time to the IOT theme and the integrated systems embedded in the environment through smart cars and smart homes to enable a "clever" city. We are adding a new theme to the SMART conference series: we involve the domestic and foreign urban development professionals in the field of future technological trends and development opportunities.



VR/AR, portable technologies


With the involvement of specialists, we are focusing on the latest trends in portable devices, the latest developments, and the developments in virtual reality and augmented reality, the design and health aspects of portable device design.



Cyber Security

We are focusing on the latest and most important corporate trends in cyber security, providing a projection of 2018 cyber security, security issues around cryptosolutions.


Fintech, Blockchain based operations

Fintech, Insuretech, Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, payment, programmatic

The SMART 2018 Conference puts special emphasis on fintech themes, and looks at current development trends as well as solutions built on blockchain and their potential for use in corporate environments.




We will present 2017's most successful startups this year and involve the best Budapest based investors in the field. We are looking to find out how to create great international partnerships and how to prevail in the global market environment.



By involving the largest universities in Hungary, we will be re-launching the UniverSM program series, where professionals and students will be able to give insight into the trends in university life.

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4, APRIL Akvárium

Budapest, Erzsébet tér 12, 1051




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Examples of the  Participating companies

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