academia & IMPACT

The future will be shaped by cooperative innovation and the skilled younger generation. In the Academia & Impact Hall, we will present the academic innovation ecosystem as well as the topic of socially conscious cooperation.

academic ecosystem

As usual, our partner universities will discuss the academic innovation scene and its possibilities.

Impact innovation – cooperations and common grounds

There is an increasing need for innovations which - lead by strong social awareness - work in tandem with society to better the future of humanity. The definition of profit is getting wider and wider: innovators and investors focus on the social benefit and not only on capital gains. The soul of such social benefits lies in the cooperation between different fields and branches. How shall we operate on this axes and how have such cooperations evolved so far?

  • Dr. Miklós Lukovics, SZTE, associate professor, strategic and development manager

  • Robert Miskuf, Pedal Consulting, CEO, founder

  • Dorota Skusevičienė, Startup Division, Project Manager

  • Priszcilla Várnagy, Be-Novative, CEO

  • Benedek Kovács, Ericsson Hungary, R&D center, Technology and Innovation leader