In recent years, several technologies have become trends and buzzwords in the digital world. Quantum technology, AI, AR-VR, IoT, 5G - where are these leading and what can be seen in their practical application?

  • János Asbóth, Wigner Research Centre for Physics, physicist, Ph.D., senior research fellow

the new generation of transportation in budapest

Currently, there’s a revolution going on in the background that will completely change transportation as we know it, and we feel it’s important to bring this to the foreground and discuss it. Thus, SMART will present car pool systems, E-bikes and scooters, service stations and, most importantly, the companies behind these revolutionary ideas. Infrastructure, IoT systems and the imminent 5G network will also be part of the dialogue. We will also discuss the not-so-smooth relationship of Waze and the city.

  • Shiran Baroukh, HERE Technologies, Head of Product Management

  • Bálint Michaletzky, Greengo, CEO

  • Péter Dalos, BKK, MOL Bubi Product Manager

  • Tamás Varsányi, Blinkee City, CEO

  • Dr. Marcell Nagy: Leader of Waze Hungary Group

AI / ethics / business

We are tackling one of the most important issues of this day and age with the help of startups, software developers and hardware manufacturers. We will present case studies, (un)successful approaches, and some pros and cons. Is AI really a milestone or is it just a buzzword we keep throwing around? Prepare for thought-provoking presentations!

  • Pintér Róbert, eNET, Research Lead

  • Gulyás László, EIT Digital, director

  • Szertics Gergely, AI Partners, CEO

  • Jóföldi Endre, Precognox Informatikai Kft., CEO

  • Horváth Balázs, Ultinous Zrt., Commercial Director