Our primary goal is to understand innovation processes with the help of experts and specialists. Apart from domestic technology experts and company representatives, we are also interested in the opinions of professionals representing other fields (music, astronomy, sport, psychology, design).

Keynote presentations

  • Dr. Zoltán Birkner, NKFIH, president

  • Deliága Ákos, co-founder of Talk-A-Bot, Board Member of IVSZ

  • Dr. Balázs Vinnai, Codecool, CEO, Board Member of IVSZ

  • Ádám Zeitler, Milestone Institute, CEO and co-founder

  • Julia K Szopa, Startup Poland, President of the Board

  • József Fülöp, MOME, rector

synergies in innovation

This year’s conference will mobilize never before seen synergies by welcoming presenters from several fields other than technology (music, astronomy, sport, psychology, design and medicine).

  • Bence Bogár, experience designer

  • László Kiss, astronomer, Head of MTA Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences

  • Péter Sárik, jazz pianist, songwriter, teacher

  • Dr. István Hudák, neurosurgeon

  • Gábor Csató, Hungarian Ambulance, Head Director

organizational challenges / fuckup projects

We want to provide the conference’s audience with concrete, tangible knowledge, so we are going to unveil several best practises from companies who have dealt with digitization challenges in the past. To create transparency, our invited experts will discuss the mistakes they made during their journey, the distinction between vision and reality, and all the tools that can help the transition.

  • Ákos Gordon, Virgo, Head of Sales

  • Rita Farkas, HeatVentors, COO

  • Zsuzsa Kékesi, HVG, Head of Digital

  • Péter Vityi, Vice-President of IVSZ, CEO of KÜRT Akadémia

  • Balázs Scheidler, BalaBit IT Security, CTO

  • Szabolcs Kun, Arenim Technologies AB., Co-Founder & CEO

  • Balázs Bitay, Virgo, Branch Leader

open-source innovation

This year’s SMART conference will also feature some of the more distributed and decentralized aspects of innovation as well as processes and cooperation as part of open innovation.

  • Len Shneyder, SendGrid, VP of Industry Relations

  • Anton Schilling, Pioneers, Head of Pioneers Discover

  • Attila Uderszky, START2ACT, project manager

  • Dr. Amiram Porath, BGN Technologies Ltd., BD Manager

  • Martin Olczyk, Techstars, Managing Director (Berlin)

digital detox

The relationship between humans and technology/digitization is still a mystery full of misconceptions and false beliefs. Are we all just irreversibly addicted? If not us, what about the next generation, our children? Is technology a necessary evil in today’s world? We are seeking the answer to these questions with the help of expert opinion from psychologists, addictologists and coaches.

  • Dr. Gábor Zacher, toxicologist

  • Csaba Dupcsik, sociologist, KRE

  • Hajnalka Szirtes, Business Coach and OD Consultant at IPS Services

  • Péter Müller

  • György Simó, Day One Venture Capital Fund Management Ltd., Co-founder, Managing Partner

  • Nelli Krajcsó, Slow Budapest

  • Bence Bogár, freelancer, experience designer

  • Tamás Ölveczky, Be Social, Client Service Director: Behind the Scenes of Startup-Corporate Collaboration

digital educaiton

Talking about the effects of the digital economy doesn’t make much sense until we understand what human resources are needed in the first place and how these people reach the labour force market. Our national and international presenters will discuss the issue in great detail and offer possible solutions and insight.

  • Ádám Horváth, DPMK, division leader

  • Tamás Tompa, Codecool, Head of Education

  • David Johan Christensen, Shape Robotics, CEO